With the added pressure that COVID-19 has placed on the healthcare system, many medical practices, nursing homes, surgery centers, and other health-related organizations need to find ways to improve their work environment. Ensuring safe and secure biomedical waste solutions can ease your staff’s worries and provide a safe and protected workspace. At Med Monkey, we’d like to show you why proper medical waste disposal is essential to the morale of your health agency.

Improve Your Work Environment with Safe Medical Waste Solutions

Reduce Risk of Infection

No matter what type of medical waste you work with, there is always a risk of infection spreading from handing it on a daily basis. Contaminated sharps, human tissue, blood products, or COVID-19 testing supplies, can place your employees at risk if not properly disposed of according to state and federal laws.  

Protect Your Community

When red bag waste is thrown away with the regular garbage, this can pose a threat to the community as a whole. Sharps, needles, bandages, gloves, masks, and more contain bodily fluids and other hazardous waste. Although many garbage companies dispose of their waste properly, there is always a risk of contamination. Once contamination begins, it can be difficult to stop the spread.

Protect Your Patients

Another advantage of practicing appropriate medical waste disposal is protecting your patients. You will safeguard them from any risk of accidental infection or contamination. Additionally, if your patients know you are handling biomedical waste securely, their doubts and questions about the risk of infection or contamination can be eliminated.

Trustworthy Medical Waste Removal

Make the health of your staff, patients, and community a priority by taking advantage of our medical waste solutions. Request a free quote by calling Med Monkey today at (317) 855-9248. Along with our biomedical waste disposal, we also provide red bag waste removal, sharps removal, and regulated medical waste solutions in Indianapolis and all nearby areas.

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