Most medical and professional businesses understand the importance of safe sharps waste disposal. If you manage a medical clinic or dental practice, clean up crime scenes, or work at a funeral home, you know that properly discarding sharps, medical waste, and other biohazardous materials is essential to the operations of your business. By utilizing a locally-owned sharps removal company like Med Monkey, we can ensure you are staying legally compliant, using FDA-approved storage materials, and having your sharps and medical waste picked up regularly.

How Med Monkey Protects Businesses With Our Sharps Removal Service

Avoid Non-compliance

Handling sharps container disposal on your own can place you and your business at risk by possibly breaking state and federal mandates. You may even be non-compliant without realizing it, thinking you’re saving your business money by taking care of this yourself. One of the main benefits of working with Med Monkey is the assurance that your business is remaining in compliance with medical waste disposal laws. In the long run, this will save you more in possible penalties over handling sharps container disposal on your own. 

Use Only Approved Storage Containers

Using FDA and OSHA-approved storage containers for medical sharps disposal is a must if you wish to remain protected from any potential medical waste violations. At Med Monkey, we only use materials that have been approved according to local, state, and federal regulations. Whether you need red bag waste disposal, sharps container pickup, or medical waste service, your business will remain compliant with Med Monkey.

Pick up Waste for Regular Disposal

An overstuffed storage container can be a safety hazard for patients, customers, and employees. Seeing a bin with a pile of sharps at the top poses a huge safety problem. They could accidentally drop out and spread contaminants in the area. They could be a potential hazard for anyone who needs to dispose of a sharp but can’t due to the container being full. With Med Monkey, we set you up on a regular sharps container pickup schedule so this never becomes a problem.

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