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Reducing Your Medical Waste

If you find your organization generating large amounts of medical waste, Med Monkey is available to help your company reduce its waste, and ultimately save you money. Contact us at (317) 855-9248 for more information or to schedule your free medical waste audit today.

Reduce Your Medical Waste Indianapolis

Why Is It Important to Reduce Your Medical Waste?

Every year facilities and organizations just like yours lose much of their hard-earned dollars by placing non-hazardous waste, like paper, cardboard, and food, into their medical waste containers. According to the non-profit healthcare membership organization Practice Greenhealth, medical facilities routinely throw 50-70% of their waste into the biohazardous waste stream, although much of their waste is similar to the waste in non-medical office buildings. The habit of throwing away non-hazardous materials into medical waste containers can cost your business up to 10 times as much as it should.

Your staff may not be aware of the amount of non-hazardous waste that is accumulating in your medical waste containers. At Med Monkey, we know that if we can help our customers reduce their medical waste, we will do more than help them save money. We will create a business relationship built on trust and hard work, and we will continue that relationship for years to come.

Our Free 3-Step Medical Waste Reduction Program

With our highly effective medical waste reduction program, your business will experience a decrease in needless waste, along with an increase in the efficiency of your medical waste removal services.

  • Step 1: Our professional team will audit your medical waste stream to determine what percentage of your current waste is actually non-hazardous. Then we quantify your potential savings and share those with you.

    Industry guidelines suggest that only 6-15% of your total waste should be deposited into red bag containers.

  • Step 2: Our team will then educate your staff on the proper way to handle medical waste disposal. This way, everyone has the knowledge needed to reduce the medical waste at your facility.

    Most likely, your staff does not realize it can cost 10 times as much to dispose of hazardous waste as it does solid waste. We explain this information to them and gain their cooperation. We also train them on the basics, such as informing them that regulated medical waste, sharps, recyclables, and solid waste all have separate containers.

  • Step 3: An action plan is implemented, which includes thoroughly written policies and procedures.

    Along with the action plan, we ensure there are separate containers for the various types of waste streams and that these containers are clearly labeled and accessible.

It’s easy to reduce your medical waste and save money when you work with a medical waste disposal company that provides the support you need to make it happen. Call Med Monkey at (317) 855-9248 for more details regarding our medical waste reduction program, which is available at no charge to all of our customers. We gladly provide this free service to all of our customers in Richmond, Westfield, and the surrounding areas of Indiana.