Do you have questions about biohazard waste removal for your hospital, clinic, or practice? There are many rules and regulations that need to be followed to ensure that your practice or clinic is carefully complying with medical waste laws. At Med Monkey, we want to help you understand a bit more about medical waste removal and why it’s so important to securely dispose of any biohazards produced by your Westfield business.

3 FAQs Regarding Biohazard Waste Disposal

1. What Is Regulated Medical Waste?

Anything that contains or has come in contact with human or animal tissue, blood or blood products, microbiologicals, or pathogens is considered to be regulated medical waste. Our professional staff picks up items that are contaminated with this type of waste such as sharps, gloves, gauze, plastic tubing, and bandages. We also safely dispose of waste infected with communicable diseases, cultures and stocks, and chemotherapy waste.

2. Can I Dispose of Medical Waste in the Garbage?

The state of Indiana has laws regarding the secure disposal of both medical waste and items that are contaminated with it in specifically designed containers or bags. If your medical practice, school, or business disposes of these materials in anything else other than state-approved containers, it could be subject to costly fees and possibly imprisonment. At Med Monkey, we comply with all state and federal biohazard pickup laws that include using the right disposal containers. You can be confident that your business is indeed complying with these laws when you choose to work with us.

3. What Is a Waste Manifest?

When a biohazard waste removal company picks up your medical waste, they must complete a form called a waste manifest. This form documents information regarding the biohazard waste removal from the time it is picked up at your practice until is safely disposed. It includes information such as the time it leaves your facility, where it’s being transported, and exactly how it is treated, disposed of, or recycled.

Trust Us for Safe RMW Disposal 

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