At Med Monkey, we understand that you may have questions about managing your medical waste. You may be wondering what types of material are considered medical waste and how they should be disposed of properly. You may also be questioning if your facility needs a regulated medical waste removal service. Our team safely and effectively takes care of biohazard waste disposal for the following types of medical waste.

4 Common Types of Regulated Medical Waste We Dispose

1. Contaminated Sharps

Sharps are used in a number of applications in private medical clinics and the public arena. Adults and children living with diabetes need to test their blood sugar regularly. Those living with medical conditions may need to give themselves injections when not at home. If you manage a facility that caters to these individuals, having a contaminated sharps disposal box will be of great benefit to your business and your customers.

2. Human or Animal Tissue 

Any kind of human or animal tissue is considered a biohazard. It can potentially present a risk to those who come in contact with it. Animal hospitals, surgery centers, funeral homes, and other similar establishments that handle human and animal tissues need to safely dispose of this type of medical waste.

3. Microbiological Waste 

Microbiological waste like cultures, live vaccines, specimens, and more can carry potential hazards if not disposed of when necessary. Hospital laboratories, assisted living centers, and medical clinics all handle this type of biohazardous waste.

4. Waste Infected with Highly Communicable Disease

Highly infectious waste, such as materials from autopsies, animal bodies, hospitals, and surgery centers, are of immediate danger to those who come in contact with them. Tissue that does or may contain highly contagious pathogens like Ebola, COVID-19, SARS, Hepatitis, and more need to be contained before so they cannot infect others.

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