Medical waste containers are often used by staff, employees, and customers for trash removal rather than for their intended purpose. This can cost your business more money than necessary on sharps waste disposal. Med Monkey provides a free medical waste reduction program for all of our customers in the Indianapolis area. Don’t allow bad habits and poor practice to cost your business more than it should. Take advantage of our sharps medical waste reduction program with the three steps outlined below.

Take Advantage of Our Sharps Medical Waste Reduction Program

Medical Waste Audit

We begin with an audit of your current medical waste process in order to determine how much of your current medical waste is actually non-hazardous. Based on our findings, we’ll create a report and share the results with you. It’s often eye-opening for doctors, dentists, and other medical facilities to discover what is really being tossed in their sharps containers. 

Staff Education

Now that we have an idea of the type and amount of garbage being thrown away in your medical sharps containers, we’ll customize an education program specifically for your staff. We’ll present the following information:

  • Proper way to handle medical sharps disposal. 
  • Actual cost involved when proper sharps container disposal is not followed.
  • Training on the types of containers, and how to use them for medical waste, sharps, recyclables, and solid waste.

Action Plan

Each action plan we write is tailored to the specific business or facility we are working with. It will include written policies and procedures that can be clearly understood and followed by your staff. We also provide the containers needed for red bag waste, medical sharps, and biohazard waste. 

Reduce Your Medical Waste

Let Med Monkey help you save money by reducing your sharps, hazardous, and medical waste. Contact our office today at (317) 855-9248 to learn more about our medical waste reduction program. For a free quote on any of our services – medical waste removal, regulated medical waste removal, red bag waste removal, and sharps removal – simply complete our convenient online form.