November is National Home Care and Hospice Month. It’s a time when we recognize all that assistants and professionals in the nursing home, assisted living, hospice, and home care industries have done to provide quality and compassionate medical services to the residents under their care. At Med Monkey, we faithfully serve these types of facilities and many more like them. If your facility offers home care or hospice services, find out how we can support your staff and patients as well.

Serving Hospice and Home Care Facilities With Medical Waste Solutions

Respectful Customer Care

We believe that exceptional customer service begins with mutual respect and compassionate care for the facilities and industries we work with on a daily basis. Each medical office, veterinary clinic, pharmacy, and nursing home has its own medical waste disposal needs. Before we begin service, we take the time to discover your exact needs and work around your requirements as best as we can. 

Several Types of Medical Waste 

At Med Monkey, we take care of it all. If it’s medical waste that legally requires the use of a red bag or red container to dispose of, then we will safely and securely pick up, remove, and dispose of it. The types of biomedical waste disposal we handle include contaminated sharps, human or animal tissue, blood and blood products, and waste that is infected with a communicable disease. This is only a portion of the waste we handle each and every day.

Lower Prices

One of the greatest benefits of working with a locally-owned company is our commitment to lower prices. We charge an all-inclusive flat-rate price for our medical waste solutions. There are no hidden fees and no fine print. We also provide, free of charge, medical waste containers that are approved by the Department of Transportation. Not only are you paying less, but you are receiving professional and secure services.

Helpful & Courteous Service

Call Med Monkey today at (317) 855-9248 to request a free quote for our professional medical waste disposal solutions. We serve Richmond and all surrounding areas with our regulated medical waste removal, red bag waste removal, and sharps removal services.