Veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and veterinary emergency departments all need safe and effective medical waste solutions. Not only will this keep their staff safe, but it will also keep their clinics clean and sanitary. Med Monkey is dedicated to educating veterinary animal clinics on the best ways to properly store and dispose of any biohazard or animal medical waste. We’ve provided the three tips below to help you and your veterinary staff maintain a safe, healthy, and happy environment. 

3 Tips for Disposing of Veterinary Medical Waste

1. Properly Packaged Waste

Medical waste must be stored in sanitary containers that are leak-proof, spill-proof, and tamper-proof. At Med Monkey, we use environmentally friendly plastic containers that are safe for you and your employees to use. We also make sure they are properly labeled for either sharps removal, red bag waste, or regulated medical waste.

2. Medical Waste Compliant

As a veterinary clinic, you must follow all medical waste regulations required by the state of Indiana and the federal government. Assure your employees and clients that you take their safety, and the safety of their pets, seriously by following all required regulations. Med Monkey is a permitted transporter of biohazard waste removal. We diligently follow all state and federal medical waste disposal laws.

3. Acceptable Medical Waste

Any responsible and high-quality medical waste service will educate their clients on the types of acceptable medical waste items that are permitted. Be sure you and your staff are only disposing of the specific items below:

  • Contaminated gloves, gauze, and bandages.
  • Blood-saturated items.
  • Plastic tubing.
  • Needles, syringes, scalpels, and other sharps.
  • Animal waste.
  • Bedding with animal fluids.
  • Cultures and stocks.

Exceptional Customer Service 

When you use Med Monkey for your red bag waste removal and biohazard waste disposal, your veterinary clinic and staff are in safe, responsible hands. Call us today at (317) 855-9248 for a free quote. We gladly provide our services to surgery centers, schools, crime scenes, nursing homes, dental practices, and other medical clinics in Richmond and all surrounding areas.