As a locally owned and operated medical waste company in Westfield, IN, we are proud of the full-service biohazard disposal programs we offer. With a professional attitude and a friendly smile, Med Monkey offers exceptional customer service, cost-effective rates, and medical waste solutions for all types of medical facilities. Learn more about how we can safely and effectively keep your medical facility free from hazardous medical waste. 

How We Keep Medical Facilities Free of Medical Waste

We Remove All Types of Medical Waste

Regardless of the type of sharps, biohazardous material, or medical waste that’s produced at your clinic or hospital, we securely and efficiently pick up and dispose of all types of biohazardous waste. Our team is licensed and trained in how to handle human tissue, contaminated sharps, microbiological waste, and more–all while maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for your staff and patients.

Our Team Provides Exceptional Service

We are also proud of the exceptional service and customer care we offer to all of our clients. If you have a question or problem, one of our local service representatives will contact you and find a solution for your particular situation within 24 hours of your call. Our uniformed drivers have been educated according to OSHA and DOT safety standards. We do all we can to safely and responsibly service your Westfield business.

We Offer Great Prices

When we say we offer great prices, we mean it. You can expect savings of 20% or more on your medical waste service compared to other brands. Our rates are all-inclusive; there are no hidden or extra fees. All of our invoices are clear, easy to read, and detailed so you know exactly what type of service we provided to your clinic or practice. 

Discover the Difference We Can Make

Allow Med Monkey to serve your medical clinic, family practice, dental clinic, or hospital system with our secure sharps disposal and red bag waste removal service. Request a free quote when you call us today at (317) 855-9248.