All medical facilities utilize red bag waste services for the safety of their patients and employees. The question is, do your employees know how to use this service correctly? If not, you could be facing expensive fines and OSHA violations. Med Monkey not only provides biohazard bag disposal, but we also offer resources for various industries to learn how to properly dispose of their red bag waste. Follow these standards of practice to avoid costly fees for red bag waste disposal violations.

How We Can Help You Avoid Costly Fines for Red Bag Waste Violations
Employee Training

All staff and employees who come into contact with or are exposed to red bag waste must receive proper training that is in accordance with OSHA standards. Some red bag disposal violations occur simply because individuals aren’t educated on how to properly dispose of and handle these types of contaminants. You can contact OSHA directly to learn more or give us a call and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Proper Medical Waste Containers

Another common violation involving red bag waste removal is not using the right type of containers. Red bag waste must be placed in properly labeled biohazard red bags and can only contain items that qualify as red waste like human tissue, blood and blood-tainted products, and waste infected with highly communicable diseases. If these biohazard bags become damaged or begin leaking, simply call us. We’ll send over one of our certified technicians to remove the damaged bag and replace it with a new biohazard red bag.

Correct Biohazard Waste Disposal

Having your employees trained on the type of red bag containers to use as well as the type of waste that can be placed in these containers will prevent many common biohazard violations. Another all-too-common and dangerous violation is the practice of placing red bag waste into non-labeled and incorrect containers like dumpsters, garbage bins, and trash cans. With proper training, this can be avoided, but it must be altogether prevented. It will keep your employees and patients safe, but also keep your clinic, medical office, or hospital from receiving harsh penalties and costly fines. 

Serving Richmond with Our Red Bag Waste Service

Allow Med Monkey to keep your Richmond medical facility compliant with OSHA standards. Request a free quote for our red bag waste service, medical waste disposal service, regulated medical waste removal solutions, and sharps removal service by calling (317) 855-9248.

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