While all types of medical facilities require red bag waste disposal, there a wide range of non-medical industries that could also benefit from red bag disposal. Many of these industries require the services of a fully licensed red bag waste disposal company like Med Monkey. From crime scenes and tattoo parlors to schools and universities, we are here to serve any business that needs our safe and effective solutions.  

3 Types of Non-Medical Industries We Serve

1. Crime Scenes

Not all crime scenes are easy to clean up. Some contain biohazard waste that needs to be securely disposed of by professionals. Once detectives and investigators have finished inspecting a crime scene, Med Monkey can enter the scene and carefully remove the contaminated waste. Because we’re a fully licensed service, you can trust our team to safely and effectively eliminate all hazardous waste.

2. Schools & Universities

Schools and universities need to be equipped with professional and certified red bag waste equipment for students and staff. Required items used for medical purposes of students, such as sharps, gauze, masks, and syringes, need to be disposed of correctly. Red bag waste disposal equipment should be made available in public areas of schools and universities, such as restrooms, hallways, and classrooms.

3. Tattoo Parlors

Many people don’t think of a tattoo parlor as needing red bag waste disposal, but they do fall under the same rules and regulations as any other medical facility. Any type of equipment that cannot be sterilized, like a tattoo needle, needs to be carefully disposed of in a licensed biohazard bag. Other items need to be disposed of safely as well, such as gauze, piercing needles, and gloves.

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