If your Indianapolis business deals with medical waste regularly, you know the importance of carefully handling its disposal. At Med Monkey, we’ve served the Indianapolis area for 24 years, so we know the ins and outs of the laws and regulations associated with proper disposal. Did you know that we also offer services to help you reduce medical waste? Here are three steps we take to help your business reduce medical waste disposal. 

1. Audit Current Medical Waste Levels

There are a lot of rules and regulations regarding the disposal of medical waste. Our experienced team will look at your waste and audit your current levels to determine which percentage is non-hazardous and which portion needs to be disposed of in hazardous containers. Generally, the industry guidelines suggest that anywhere from 6-15% of your waste should be disposed of in red bag containers. 

2. Educate Staff on Change of Procedures

Did you know that it costs 10 times the amount of money to dispose of hazardous waste than simple solid waste? Yikes! That’s why after we audit your business waste levels, we can help educate staff on what is necessary to include in the red bag disposal. With knowledge comes power…and real money savings. 

3. Implement Changes for Long-Term Reduction

Once we have audited your waste disposal and educated your team, we help implement the plan of action. We write easy-to-understand procedures for quick reference and set out specific containers for different types of disposals. It’s important that every container is labeled clearly and that the containers are easily accessible. 

The best part of our medical waste reduction program? It’s free with our other services. If your Indianapolis business wants to reduce your medical waste levels, or if you need a medical waste disposal company, contact Med Monkey at (317) 855-9248 and request a free quote today!