Small, local businesses are truly the bread and butter of our economy. They create local jobs, provide better customer service, and help keep the local economy running. Med Monkey is glad to be one of many locally-owned businesses in the Indianapolis area. Consider supporting your community’s small businesses for the three reasons below.

Why Choose a Locally Owned Medical Waste Company

Amazing Customer Service

Local business owners understand that customer service matters. Many individuals like patronizing businesses that greet them with a big smile, chat about community events, and do all they can to get their needs met. Employees of local businesses often take the time to get to know their customers so they can address their specific requests. Plus, it’s so much nicer to talk to a real person, not an automated answering service, when you have a problem.

Local Job Creation

Did you know that small businesses employ almost 50% of the private workforce in the United States? On top of that, the Small Business Administration did a study in 2019 and found that small businesses added 1.8 million new jobs that year. They truly are the backbone of the American economy as they provide for their local communities by creating local, sustainable jobs.

Financial Community Support

Just as small businesses are an integral part of supporting their local economy, so are the local customers. By recommending, supporting, and shopping within your community, you are keeping the majority of your hard-earned money right in your own hometown. As you invest in local businesses, they will invest right back into your neighborhood, unlike most large national chains.

Serving Indianapolis Since 1999

We are proud to be a local service provider that offers dependable and cost-effective medical waste removal to medical waste generators throughout Indianapolis. Large or small, we can handle it all. Call our office today at (317) 855-9248 to get your free quote for our sharps container disposal, red bag waste removal, and medical waste removal.

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