It’s important to know what to look for when searching for a medical waste company like Med Monkey. You want to work with an agency that offers affordable flat-rate pricing, but you also want to ensure you’re receiving quality service. You certainly want to choose a medical waste company that strictly follows all state and federal medical waste laws. Keep reading to find out more about choosing the right medical waste service for your Richmond organization or business. 

How to Choose a Medical Waste Disposal Company


Each medical waste company has its own pricing strategy. Many national brands will quote a low price for their service but then charge extra fees for containers, fuel surcharges, and environmental charges. At Med Monkey, we charge an all-inclusive flat-rate price with no hidden or additional fees. If you’re a small business in Richmond, we can tailor a plan that will fit within your budget without compromising on service.

Pick-up Schedules

Be sure to ask about pickup schedules when talking to a medical waste company. Find one that is willing to work around your pickup schedule, not theirs. We use small transport vehicles so we can offer flexible schedules based on your medical waste usage and needs.


A professional quality medical waste service should offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with their service, they should either be willing to solve the problem or offer a full refund if no solution can be reached. When you choose Med Monkey, that is exactly what you’ll get if we are unable to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

If customer service is important to you, be sure to ask how their biomedical waste disposal company handles concerns from their clients. Do they have a local service rep that can come to their place of business? Will you speak with a live person or will you need to leave messages and wait to hear back from them? At Med Monkey, we have local service reps who respond immediately to any issues, and we are committed to providing a solution within 24 hours.

Serving Richmond Since 1999

Med Monkey is proud to serve the Richmond area with our medical waste solutions. Request a free quote today by calling (317) 855-9248. We also provide regulated medical waste removal, red bag waste removal, and sharps removal for a wide range of clients in Richmond and the surrounding communities.